Open Grave

Open Grave (2013)
The story of a troubled man waking up in the midst of thousands of troubled corpses and never remembering who they were, with five others he didn’t know, and six had to try to find a way out of the grave. Here Along with having to figure out that Who are you How did you get here? Before they will never have that chance again

Devil (2010)
Throughout watching this movie You will find the excitement. Excited almost the entire story. With a mystery in my mind that “Who really killed it?” When five men and women in trouble were trapped in the elevator together. And while the five people are still waiting for support, the game where the killing begins. When the elevator lights suddenly went off with trouble. Plus, whenever the power goes out, one should be killed. Who will be next And who was the one who killed it? It is a mystery that all 5 people need to help each other to find answers before their lives come out of the body as the next !!!

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
Emily Rose, you left your home in the metropolitan area to enter the university classroom, without any doubts about what awaited you. When all of a sudden you start to see something that the pedestrians cannot see. With the fact that your body is starting to worsen without the doctor, perhaps the cause of your mysterious angina. Because what you are experiencing is not a disease.

Friend Request (2016)
When a group of friends Received a facebook friend request (friend request) from dead learners. At the beginning, they felt that It’s just a tease that the comrades in the group do to tease each other. And then press not accepting friend requests And that’s it, it leads to horrible stories. When friends in the group start to be hunted down and killed by spirits that they don’t accept !!!